Ralph Sanchez

Appliance Repair in Columbus NJ

Whether you need washing machine repair, refrigerator repair, or dishwasher repair, our team is here to help. At Area Appliance Services, we’ve been Burlington County’s solution for superior Appliance Repair in Columbus NJ. Pay close attention to prices when shopping for appliances because year-old models often drop in price right before or after the manufacturer…

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3D Crystal Candle Holder

Whether it’s for a special anniversary, wedding or memorial, this elegant crystal candle holder will keep their treasured memories safe. It’s masterfully laser engraved with your choice of photo, creating a jaw-dropping 3D effect that never fades! We’ll remove any unwanted backgrounds, so you can be sure the important elements are always front and centre….

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The Art of Your Mind

A new study suggests that viewing the art of your mind– be it paintings, sculptures or photographs – can boost your brain. This may help ward off maladies like anxiety, sleep problems and memory impairment. This is because the brain is hardwired to process art. When people look at paintings, parts of their brain associated…

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